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Abhishek Shreesam, EU4M Master in Mechatronics student 2014



Abhishek Shreesam, EU4M Master in Mechatronics student 2014
Definitely my experience in Russia exceeded my expectations that I had before coming here. When I decided to come to Russia, I knew nothing much about this country and its people. First, I searched through the internet, most the information about Russia is like misleading in nature. So I decided to ask my friends and relatives who have been to Russia. Most of them have positive view about Russia. Even my Mother suggested me to go and find myself which is perhaps the best way to experience any country and its people’s life. During my stay here, I started realizing that Russia is nothing like what I had been told, seen on television, or heard on the news. At first I thought Russian people are reserved, unsociable and unfriendly. But when I meet and get to know Russian people closer, they are much more open, friendly and genuine than they may seem on the surface.
Russia had been an interesting place to discover many things that I ever done in my life and indeed it is truly a “Winter Wonderland”. For those of you who don't know to understand why I say this because In India, the place I belong to, minimum temperature was never below +10 degree but here coldest day during last winter was -30°C. This is ridiculous. During last winter I learned what "cold" was. I came here during the winter which was awesome experience for me. But I enjoyed many adventures like mountain skiing, ice skating, ice fishing etc.
The most memorable events were the cooking contest in the dormitory and my stay at Rubskoye Lake camp. Indian food is known for its taste and spiciness. I’ve made two Indian dishes, one is Egg curry and Mumbai (Name of the city in India) Masala Rice. There were five judges during the contest. They tasted it and found it spicy. All the judges were waving their hand to their mouth. When I asked them about their feedback they said to give them time to cool down their mouth. I thought Indian food is not suited for Russians. But the strangest thing is I found that nothing left in my pan as all the students finished eating all the Indian food. Two of the students came to me and asked me how to cook it. That was really strange for me.
Rubskoye Lake camp was another memorable event for me. Unlike Indian camp, where we have hectic activities or sports and get little time to relax, Rubskoye Lake camp was well balanced. Sports, parties, disco everything was good.
Unlike my university in India, I found ISPU very different and interesting. The university is good in Infrastructure.
Professors are very supportive and well informed. During my introductory classes, many professors took some time to ask about my past experience and asked me what my expectations from them. They were well prepared for the class and used to solve my doubts quickly. I take this opportunity to thank all the professors for their incredible support.
From my study here, I’ve directed my career in a right path. Yes, the Mechatronic Engineering is difficult but very interesting. I’ve improved in key areas but need to work very hard in coming months.  Russian education is globally respected and world-renowned. Higher education in Russia offers an opportunity for growth and development that only a few other experiences can provide so intensely. Russia is indeed a unique country of great opportunities. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
I would like to thank not only professors but all the friends for getting me through this journey. I will come to Ivanovo to meet my friends and to visit the university!

Jean-Baptiste Etheve, ENSMM internship student 2014




Russia is an attractive country which should be visited at least one time in your life.
The real important fact is to build your impression by yourself and to take time to discover all or several parts of this country.
To be honest, before being here in Russia, my knowledge of Russia was unfortunately very poor.
Just some scientists, authors...but apart from some pictures of the Red Square and its sumptuous basilica, no real knowledge...of Russia!!!
First when I arrived here, it's was a real shock because I felt bad because the Russian traditions are quite different. Precisely, in the street, people are generally not so polite...IN A FIRST APPROACH... For example, it's extremely strange for me not to hear "Thanks" when you hold the door for a person... it could be nothing for you but it's very normal in France.
Adaptation is not so easy…but thanks to my Russian friends, life is easier. What I have to explain is that during these five months, after just one week of adaptation, I get the feeling that I was a central person of the a guest :) Everyone was nice and thoughtful!!! And it would take me three hours to thank all the Russian people who made my trip here better …
Due to my specific internship in a lab, I didn't get the chance to follow general studies, therefore to take advantage of all the facilities of the university. But, one place was really important for me in ISPU, the canteen... a major place for a typical and fond of food French guy!!!
The most unforgettable event in the dormitory was the cooking contest. In fact, food and here Russian food is a good way to discover your culture.
Having the possibility to perform a global biomechanics project using the ANSYS software was really interesting...not a lot of French companies can offer this possibility to work during hundred-percent time on a finite element software.
My principal advice to study and more generally to enjoy your life here is to learn the Russian language!!!  For me, it's a beautiful language...especially when Russian women speak, it's really pleasant!!!
It’s impossible not to come back in Russia. In 2016, I expect to visit a simple tourist!!! And in 2018 for the football world cup... why not as a translator!!!
Russia is an incredible country...I came here to discover a new way of life...And what was very interesting to discover is how Russian people love their country.