Jean-Baptiste Etheve, ENSMM internship student 2014




Russia is an attractive country which should be visited at least one time in your life.
The real important fact is to build your impression by yourself and to take time to discover all or several parts of this country.
To be honest, before being here in Russia, my knowledge of Russia was unfortunately very poor.
Just some scientists, authors...but apart from some pictures of the Red Square and its sumptuous basilica, no real knowledge...of Russia!!!
First when I arrived here, it's was a real shock because I felt bad because the Russian traditions are quite different. Precisely, in the street, people are generally not so polite...IN A FIRST APPROACH... For example, it's extremely strange for me not to hear "Thanks" when you hold the door for a person... it could be nothing for you but it's very normal in France.
Adaptation is not so easy…but thanks to my Russian friends, life is easier. What I have to explain is that during these five months, after just one week of adaptation, I get the feeling that I was a central person of the a guest :) Everyone was nice and thoughtful!!! And it would take me three hours to thank all the Russian people who made my trip here better …
Due to my specific internship in a lab, I didn't get the chance to follow general studies, therefore to take advantage of all the facilities of the university. But, one place was really important for me in ISPU, the canteen... a major place for a typical and fond of food French guy!!!
The most unforgettable event in the dormitory was the cooking contest. In fact, food and here Russian food is a good way to discover your culture.
Having the possibility to perform a global biomechanics project using the ANSYS software was really interesting...not a lot of French companies can offer this possibility to work during hundred-percent time on a finite element software.
My principal advice to study and more generally to enjoy your life here is to learn the Russian language!!!  For me, it's a beautiful language...especially when Russian women speak, it's really pleasant!!!
It’s impossible not to come back in Russia. In 2016, I expect to visit a simple tourist!!! And in 2018 for the football world cup... why not as a translator!!!
Russia is an incredible country...I came here to discover a new way of life...And what was very interesting to discover is how Russian people love their country.