General information

About us
Ivanovo State Power Engineering University (ISPEU) is a significant power engineering institute with highly competent staff and modern facilities and equipment. It ensures excellent quality of education in 42 specialities (official list of specialities).
The university structure is presented by 8 faculties:
University structure includes 41 department, military training centre, energetics training simulators centre, stuff training centre for thermal power-stations and nuclear power plants, Machine building college, branch of the university in Raduzhniy town.
Academic staff
More than 8000 students are educated at the ISPU including foreign students from more than 30 countries. Lessons are given by more than 500 teachers, 70% of them have candidate's or doctor's degree.
Our alumni
ISPU has graduated more than 50 thousand highly qualified specialists. Among them there are ministers, high-rank officers, politicians and scientists. Many top managers of major power supply systems and power plants got their educational background at the ISPU.
Ivanovo State Power University is a powerful educational scientific and production complex with a wide scientific centres network. Several research institutions function at the university, among them scientific centres of energetics and efficiency, IT and ACS, ferromagnetic liquid, biomechanics, vibration monitoring, mathematical modelling, electronics, business innovations, education quality control systems.
Modern equipment
ISPEU can offer his students modern educational and research resources. In 2005 Kalininskaya NPP handed a full-scale NPP modular control panel simulator over to the university, which became a basis of ISPEU energetics training simulators centre. In 2008 the innovation technique laboratory was founded. In the same year International Russo-French production-and-training centre of power efficient techniques started up. It was established jointly with a French company "De Dietrich".
Sports and leisure
ISPEU is not only an educational institution but also a sports and cultural complex. It can offer it’s students numerous sport facilities, such as 3 stadia, covered track and field manege, 4 tennis courts, more than 30 gyms, health-care centre, sports training camp on the Rubskoye lake and etc. In last 3 years ISPU Sports Department has trained 15 Masters of Sports, 52 candidates for Master of Sports and first-class sportsmen. Man’s and woman's Basketball teams both have won Russian Students Championship. Woman's Basketball team successfully plays in Russian Super League "B". Track and field team is Repeated Russian Students champion.
Students can participate in diverse cultural life presented by ISPU museum, concert hall, students’ club ELECTRON, students’ theatre, art gallery, music hall, comprehensive scientific and technical library, Students’ TV studio.
ISPEU has vast international relations. Teachers and students contact to their colleagues from the USA, China, Sweden, Germany, France and Belgium.
University’s motto is «Semper in motu», which means that it never stops developing.