Nanomagnetic Liquids and Devices based on them



Address: 34, Rabfakovskaya st., building A, room 158, Ivanovo, 153003

Lecture Room: A-158 (phone: 269-706, 385-785)


About the School

School Founder: Dmitriy Vasilyevich Orlov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, was awarded with the a Russian Government Prize, the order of “Badge of Honor”, the gold medal of All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, USSR.

Year of Foundation: 1968


School Director: Yuriy Borisovich Kazakov, Head of Electromechanics Department, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, corresponding member of Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences of the Russian Federation, corresponding member of New York Academy of Sciences.


Research Team


Scientific fields of the school  

  • Developing the scientific bases of devices creation on the basis of nanodispersive magnetic systems.
  • Developing new types of hermetic sealing magnetic systems, ways of their dressing and diagnostics.
  • Development, research and design of hermetic sealing magnetic systems with constrained parameters.
  • Calculation, research and optimized design of magnetic systems for different purposes.
  • Research and simulation of polydispersed magnetic liquids with desired characteristics.

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Photo of magnetic liquids


Video about magnetic liquids: 

Dancing Magnetic Liquid

Magnetic Liquid. Ball with Surprise

Magnetic Liquid. Babylonian Towers of NanoWorld-1

Magnetic Liquid. Babylonian Towers of NanoWorld-2