Applied Problems of Mechanics of Solid Deformable Substance, Fluid and Gas


Address: 34, Rabfakovskaya st., building A, room 110, Ivanovo, 153003

Room: A-110 (phone number: 269-713, 385-784)

About the School

School Founder: Stanislav Sergeevich Korablev, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, honoured worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, corresponding member of Engineer Sciences Academy of the Russian Federation, member of the Research Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on machines science and technological processes, member of Methodical Council of Ministry of Higher Education on non-destructive inspection and diagnostics, Chair of the Regional Government of the Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics (RSNTTD).

Year of Foundation: 1971


School Director: Vadim Ivanovich Shapin, Professor, corresponding member of Academy of Technological Sciences of the Russian Federation (ATS RF) in the Upper-Volga Branch, honorable worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation.


Research Team 


Scientific fields of the school

  • Dinamics, Reliability and Diagnostics of Mechanical Systems.
  • Development of Vibrational Resonanse Methods of Diagnostics and Rehabilitation of Biomechanical Objects.
  • Research of Materal Stability Parameters  with Plastic Recovery.
  • Mathematical Simulation of Non-linear Mechanical Systems.
  • Tribology of Contact Interaction of Mechanical Systems. Viability of Heat Power Stations and Atomic Power Stations.

Major scientific achievements

Main publications

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