Technology of Multifunctional Automatic Process Control System in Power Plants


Address: 34, Rabfakovskaya st., building A, room 220, Ivanovo, 153003

Room: A-220 (phone number: 269-757)


About the School

School Founder: Yuriy Semenovich Tverskoy, Dr. Engineering, Professor, full member (academician) of the Engineering Sciences Academy named after A.M. Prokhorov.

Year of Foundation: 1990

School Director: Yuriy Semenovich Tverskoy, Dr. Engineering, Professor, the Head of Control System Department.


Research Team


Scientific fields of the school 

  1. Priority area is Engineering and Energy Saving.
  2. Critical Technologies: Designing Technology of Intelligent Systems of Navigation and Control.
  3. The main scientific directions:
  • Designing the high-accuracy fully-variable models of control object with the application of the phenomenological thermodynamics methods and the generalized thermodynamic analysis;
  • Building  the multifunctional ranges based on the program-technical complexes of network organizations;
  • Developing the Identification Methods of processing facilities and robust control system calibration;
  • Developing new functional tasks, ways, and algoriths of automatic control, and intellectualization of automatic process control system in electric power plants.

Major scientific achievements

Main publications

Collaboration with companies and enterprises