University administration


Sergey Vyacheslavovich Tararykin
Position: Rector
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Engineering
Academic Title: Professor
Year of birth: 1956
Work experience:
2006 - till now  Rector of ISPU
1997-2006  ISPU Academic Vice-rector
1994- till now head of Electronics and Microprocessor Systems Department
1997-2006 Professor of Electronics and Microprocessor Systems Department
1989-1992 Doctoral candidate of Ivanovo Power Institute
1982-1989 assistant lecturer, associate professor of Electric Drive and Industrial Plants Automation Department of Ivanovo Power Institute
1978-1981 postgraduate student of Ivanovo Power Institute
1978  Ivanovo Power Institute graduate

Scientific Interests: electronic controlling and information and measuring systems; - high precision control of electric drives; - controlled timing of multichannel electro-mechanical systems of industrial units; - technological processes automation and production in chemical and textile industries, engineering, and  power engineering; - information and measuring microprocessor systems and equipment; - computer-aided design engineering and debugging of current time controlling systems.
In 1978 Sergey V. Tararykin graduated from Ivanovo Power Institute named after V.I. Lenin majoring in  Electric Drive and Industrial Plants Automation. In 1981 he defended candidate dissertation on «Development and Research of Automatic Control System of Fabric Transportation Process in Final Finishing». In 1992 Sergey V. Tararykin defended doctoral dissertation on «Principles of Machines Controlled Timing  in Engineering Equipment for Ribbon and Fibrous Materials Production».
  • Member of Nuclear Society of the Russian Federation
  • Head of  Dissertation Board of Ivanovo State Power University   and Member of Dissertation Board of Ivanovo Textile Academy
  • Honoured Worker of Science of the Russian Federation
  • Honorary Educator of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation
  • Inventor of the USSR
  • Professor Emeritus of  National Higher School of Mechanics and  MIcrotechnology of the city of Besancon (France)
  • Companion of the Order of Belgium «Officer»
  • Research Supervisor of Master’s Theses, Postgraduate Studies, and DoctorateTheses of ISPU
  • Head of Scientific School «Electromechatronics and Control»
  • Author of more than 270 scientific works including 7 monographs, 8 study guides, 98 scientific articles published in major editions, 27 inventions
  • Member of Editorial Board of the scientific journal «Vestnik ISPU»
  • Member of Educational Board of Administration of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
  • Under his supervision one Doctor of Engineering and ten Candidates of Engineering have been prepared
  • Under his supervision and with his direct participation more than 80 scientific research results in the field of controlling microprocessor systems have got accepted in production in chemical and textile industries, engineering, power engineering, and glass industries
  • Under his supervision 46 important research scientific works on programmes of State Committee for Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and other branch ministries have been completed
  • His scientific work has been honoured at 16 international exhibitions in Paris, Leon, Brussels, Geneva, and Moscow
Contacts: Building B, room  214, tel. +7(4932) 326-448
Rector’ s assistants: Natalya N. Krasilnikyants, Elena A. Mikheenko
ISPU Vice-Rectors
Valery P. Golov
Position: Vice-Rector for Procurement
Scientific Degree: Candidate of Engineering
Academic Title: Associate Professor
- organizing supply of educational, research and administration work of the university;
- managing the committee dealing with the placement of state order;
- managing the committee dealing with the stocks of materials and capital equipment  control, taking inventory and writing off  stocks of materials and capital equipment.
In 1972 Valery P. Golov graduated from Ivanovo Power Institute named after V.I. Lenin majoring in «Manufacturing automation and electric energy distribution». In 1980 he defended candidate dissertation in All-Russian Research Institute of Sources of Current on «Electric systems assimilability improving with use of controlled series compensation». 
Scientific interests: control of electric power systems conditions, extra-high-voltage lines
Publications: author of 80 scientific articles.
Contacts: Building B, room 216,  tel. +7(4932) 383-195
Vice-Rector’s assistant: Lyubov F. Tchernishchuk
Alexey V. Gusenkov
Academic Vice-Rector
Scientific Degree: Candidate of Engineering
Academic Title: Associate Professor
- education technologies development, encouraging professors to train specialists efficiently;
- managing the  work of faculties and departments in matters of staff, organization and information  support of academic activities;
- developing strategies and licensing of educational activities of the university subject to legislation in power.
Contacts: Building B, room 210, tel. +7(4932) 385-717
Vice- Rector’ s assistant: Lyubov N. Sukhova
Tatyana B. Kotlova
Position: Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Student Social Programmes 
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Historical Sciences
Academic Title: Associate Professor
In 1977 Tatyana B. Kotlova graduated from Ivanovo State University in «Teacher of History, Social Science and English» specialization. In 1991 Tatyana B. Kotlova defended candidate dissertation on «Party politics toward the intelligentsia in the period of industrialization: problems of training and usage, 1929 - 1936. (on the materials of Ivanovo industrial region)», speciality 07.00.02 - Russian history. In 2003 Tatyana B. Kotlova defended doctoral dissertation in Ivanovo State University on «Russian woman in provincial town at the turn of 19 th - 20 th centuries , 1890 - 1914 (on the materials of Vladimir, Kostroma, Yaroslavl provinces)».  Speciality  07.00.02 - Russian history.
Scientific interests: Russian history, gender research, feminism.
Publications: 45 scientific articles and study guides.
Contacts: building A, room  321а, tel.  +7(4932)  269-797
Dmitry V. Tupitsyn
Position: Vice-Rector for Organizational and Administrative Work
Academic Title: Associate Professor
- organizing work of the university academic board, control of implementing decisions taken by the university academic board;
- controlling the work of mechanical-engineering college and its branch in Raduzhny town;
- development, preparation and legalization of university standardized documentation documents разработка;
- coordination of the activity of the divisions dealing with documentation supply of control.
Contacts: building B, room  209, tel. +7  (4932) 269-898
Vladimir V. Tyutikov
Position: Vice-Rector for Research
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Engineering
Academic Title: Professor
- developing strategies of scientific progress of the university;
- developing and implementing methods of increase in the rate of scientific researches efficiency;
- searching and building the source of finance for the university activities;
- preparing documentation on research work;
- organizing professional development  of the scientific personnel of the university.
Contacts: building B, room  217, tel. +7 (4932) 415-024
Vice-Rector’s assistant: Lyubov F. Tchernishchuk
Konstantin V. Yamkin
Position: Vice-Rector for Construction and Infrastructure Development
In 1997 Konstantin V. Yamkin graduated from Ivanovo State Architectural-and-Constructional Academy, the faculty of construction, qualification - civil engineer.
- building the source of finance for the university activities;
- developing strategies of capital construction of the university;
- coordination of the activity of the divisions dealing with capital construction of the university, full  repair and maintenance;
- security;
- providing work of the university canteen;
- economical activity connected with campus maintenance.
Contacts: building B, room 112, tel. +7 (4932) 269-814
Vice-Rector’s assistant: Tatyana Yu. Denisova
Vyacheslav A. Tibaykin
Position: Chief Engineer
- organizing the activities of university services;
- coordinating the activities of subdivisions dealing with the maintenance of supporting systems of university work activity (electric power supply, heat supply, water supply, communication);
- organizing employee (workers, technical and engineering employees) training and education and providing  sustainable staff development;
- providing the efficiency of design decisions, timely and efficient preproduction, service, power equipment repair and upgrading;
- controlling the maintenance of work safety and fire security;
- developing and implementing energy saving equipment and technologies on electric power and heat energy saving;
- providing timely technical documents preparation. 
Contacts:  building B, room 113, tel. +7 (4932) 269-816