Development and Research of Technology Components of Complex Automation Design in Major Electrical Machinery Fields


About the School

School Founder: Vladimir Nikolaevich Nuzhdin, Dr. Engineering, Professor.

Year of Foundation: 2001 

School Director: Evgeniy Sergeevich Tselishchev, Dr. Engineering, Senior Staff Scientist.


Research Team


Scientific fields of the school 

  • Development and Research of Synthesis Methods of Hardware Structures of Automatic Process Control System.
  • Development and Research of Structured Description Methods of Designing Subject Field of Automatic Process Control System Hardware.
  • Development and Research of Simulation Methods of Electrical Networks for Calculation of Normal Modes and Emergency States in Designing.
  • Development of Parametric and Structured  Syntheses Methods of Distribution Networks Schemes.
  • Development of Methods and Means of Automation Designing  Integrated Cable System  of Electrical Engineering Units.

Major scientific achievements

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